We help Alzheimer’s patients complete tasks, independently.

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Giving control back to you

Here at Memoria we know that Alzheimer's patients can improve their independence and daily lives,
if given the proper tools.
That is why we offer what is the first-self-managing platform ever made for Alzheimer's patients

Set your customized weekly schedule
Create an accessible easy-to-use daily routine assistant tailored for the patient’s needs
Empower them by providing guidance that leads to a more active and correct performance
Learn the patient's routine and changes to provide better service

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How it works

In order for assist your loved ones to complete tasks, we need to keep it simple, for them.

Who we are

Memoria is a digital healthcare company specializing in improving early stage Alzheimer’s patients
daily lives by enabling them a greater degree of independence.

We empower Alzheimer’s patients by providing them with the tools they need to manage
their daily lives and routines for much longer than currently possible.

Medical Advisory Board

Motti Zelikovic

CEO at Melabev - The biggest Alzheimer's organization in Israel

Gerri Roth

CEO at EMDA - The Alzheimer's Association of Israel

Dr. Klaus Suwelack

New Business Development and Innovation Manager at Janssen Germany

Dr. Kai Joachimsen

MD - CEO at Omniamed Holding